SGO Unity

SGO: Let’s begin this journey !

Hi everyone !

That’s it ! We took off by integrating a local incubator and we officially start our journey to publish our own first game !


Who are we ? Two guys from Lille (France) who dream about publishing our mobile game and work on it for already a year now.

We are two longtime friends, both game-designer / developer working with Unity, Simon and me Jonathan. After having each had professional experience, in game development and web, we decide to take the plunge and work fully on Simon personal student project.

After a year working on the project, writing a deep GDD and prototyping it, we just enter in an incubator of our region at “La Plaine Images” and that’s the first serious step to make our dream true, we are pretty proud today 😉


To share our journey (and also keep us on a positive rythme) we will try to publish weekly our updates on the project. We hope you will be interested and mostly that could engage you to follow this kind of dream you have too 😉

Quick resume of the game

Our game is a survival RPG by mobile geolocation. the player must keep his character alive for the most days in a row.

The player is immersed in a post-apocalyptic universe in which intelligent machines reign and spread terror. Every night they redouble their aggression and directly attack the survivors and their facilities.

To prepare for these nights, he will have to explore the safe world in order to recover resources, equip himself and improve the shelters he has built.
In this quest for survival the player can cooperate with other players by sharing his resources and shelter or through trade.

Week 1

This week Simon works to end the development of the craft system. It’s finally possible to get what you craft ! And he add notification on that to alert the player when it’s time.


Beside the development of the core gameplay, we are still searching to build a deep univers to immerse players, and there was also some questions about the way to display the map.

See you next week ! And don’t forget to join the Discord if you want to follow our journey 🙂