SGO Unity

SGO: Week 2

This week on the SGO Project Simon continue the first prototype phase. He implement the object durability, so your equipment is no longer infinite.

This previous feature request to have some specific items. To be able to test it Simon has coded a developer console usable on mobile.

For me, after some days trying to use the C# feature System.Net.Http for the API calls, I finally learn that it’s not possible to use the Unity’s API outside the main thread. And it’s seams to especially be true when using the .Net 4.x API on Unity. So I finally rollback on the UnityWebRequest API that use Unity’s coroutines coupled with callback to create a manager callable from any component on the scene.

The problem with usage of C# Task was still present because of our usage of Firebase. Indeed the Firebase plugin use Tasks. This is a problem because it makes unable to use delegates listened by functions that will interact with the Unity API. Fortunately I found an elegant way to manage it.


Finally this week we need to preview some effects of the elements designed on the map. This isn’t easy for two developers to make graphic placeholder, but some picked 2D arts helped us to imagine how the map could looks.

See you next week ! And don’t forget to join the Discord if you want to follow our journey 🙂