SGO Unity

SGO: Week 3

Hi everyone !

This week was time to implement a major feature, the night attack. With this came some other things to manage.


Firstly Simon has to allow the player to hide in the shelter. With it he has to lock the camera on the shelter, so the GPS, and hide the loots around. After that he works on the night attack and its report, locally faked for now, and finally on the player death. So we are pretty close to the core gameplay loop and ready to start play-tests.

During this week we also had to manage the versioning of  the project. Indeed we use new computers as we move at the incubator, and we had to clone the project from our git repository. But, surprise ! Some plugins we use have .dll, and Unity is unable to correctly rebuild the Libraries, not stored with Git. 

The tips was finally to keep a Unity package of all the plugins, versioned with git. For some reason that we doesn’t really get, that way Unity is able to reimport multiple plugins with .dll at the same time without creating an error chain reaction.



This week I work on some tests about the way to display informations on the map, constraint with the mobile performances and the UX. We get inspiration on Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI fog of war to hide details away from the character.


This is finally the preview of the visual we choose for now.


See you next week ! And don’t forget to join the Discord if you want to follow our journey 🙂